Upcoming Exhibition: De Kunst van Brood, May 2019, Amsterdam

Art Project: Van Brood tot Bloem

(From Bread to Flower/Flour)
Is it possible to grow grains in bread? Completely off-grid, in a closed room. 


Bread is important for everybody, everywhere. In this Art Project we investigate to what extend we are able to complete the circle from bread to bread, using the State of the Art technology. Nobody made an experiment like this ever before, so we don’t know the outcome. It shows the urge in this world that besides developing new technologies, we need new creative ideas and futuristic ideas as well: in my view an excellent task for artists to get involved.

All energy we use for this project is coming from the sun. We installed on top of the building solar panels that provide energy for the special grow lights in the closed room. Besides we use part of the energy to power the “hoovering UFO’s”, that provide water (rain) from the inside air. Plants evaporate 90% of their water by the leafs, and we circulate this water by these colorful objects.

Comparing to conventional greenhouse technology, we only use 25% of the average energy consumption, even providing all the water that is needed to grow the grains. A proof that in future we can grow food everywhere, we only need sunlight. What about installing an isolated shipping container in the middle of the desert, providing food for a village every 4 months?

As an artist I am overwhelmed by the power and beauty of nature and natural processes. Everyday I receive updates from the growing grains and there is not one day that I am not wondered. The whole process will be filmed in time-lapse and shown together with the laboratory to the audience during the exhibition. The outcome is not clear: the bread is already rotting, meanwhile providing nutrition to the grains that grow faster than we could imagine before. Besides all technology, this Art project is like nature itself: the outcome is uncertain.