‘Climate Change = Culture Change’

Sunshine, gravity and air – three natural things that are free to everyone. We are applying these elements to their maximum potential (together in a unique way) to contribute to the solution of the earth’s main problem: fresh, clean water availability

The climates of the world are dynamic processes to which cultures have adapted since time immemorial. Scientists are telling us that we are currently between ice ages while at the same time the globe is warming up at an unprecedented rate and weather is becoming ever more extreme in many places on earth. It is very important therefore, now more than ever, that people learn to respond to climate change in a creative and innovative way.

The SunGlacier art project hopes to stimulate people to think creatively about solutions to the challenges of climate change. These changes are not necessarily all negative or better still, if we can find a way to turn some of them to our advantage then nothing should stop us to do so.

Some dedicated works of art will symbolize the dynamic link between climate and culture and represent innovation, creativity and indeed the impossible. The art aims to help people to think of the unthinkable, believe in the unbelievable and realise the seemingly unrealistic. To literally shift boundaries. SunGlacier is part of a chain of projects that over time will stand for a new way of thinking about climate change. The SunGlacier project team will focus attention on the current state of the art in relevant technology and its ability to offer solutions to the challenges of climate change. Our belief is that we must move forward without wasting energy to ‘naming, blaming, shaming’ as so often seems to be the case in the current debate on climate change.

The SunGlacier Project will grow to represent a new revolution in which our culture will adapt ever faster to the changes in climate that we may encounter on our way. Climate seems to be changing quicker in our time; then so should be our response. Will that be harder for us because we are more numerous than the hunters and gatherers of old? They must have adapted too and without the access to technology that we have.

SunGlacier will demonstrate that with the current state of technology much can be achieved in the way of a response. We mean to explore the boundaries of technology and realise the seemingly impossible. Our first work of art harvests water from air by placing it in the sun. The more sunrays it catches the more water it will produce. To experience that contradictory or at least counter-intuitive response presented in different works of art will help viewers to shift their mindset to the impossible, the unimaginable.