Dubai World Expo 2021/22

We succeeded to generate the water for this waterfall in the middle of a hot and dry desert. The water is harvested “live” by a new and efficient technology that will benefit so many people on the planet. A physical experience that shows the future of “uniting water, energy and food”. Main goal of the waterfall on the expo is showing people/companies/NGO’s/governments that it is possible to harvest water, off the grid, with the maximum use of sunshine, air and gravity – all free elements, everywhere available. The SunGlacier technology is easy scalable, that we proved in the Dutch pavilion during the Dubai World Expo. The water was used to grow food on the central cone in the building. I hope that many people are inspired by the physical experience of a rain fall in the middle of a desert, made out of air and sunshine.

The Dutch and Emirates Royal Families visited this spectacular synergy of art, science and technology.

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